The Wedding Day

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Jitesh is a part time consultant and a full time story teller. His love for cooking extends to food and stories. He can't decide if he likes South Africa more than India, but he knows that Butter Chicken grants salvation. He hates horror movies and climbing mountains. He dreams of settling down in mountains sipping whiskey next to a fireplace.


Archana wishes to watch horror movies after summiting mountains for the rest of her life. Profesionally she is Grammer Nazi and sarcasm is her mother tongue. Her work is Taxing (literally) and she doesn't like to follow the law. She owns more books than clothes (a blatant lie) and wants to move to mountains as soon as possible.

How they met

Their first date was on a dry day. That's what Jitesh remembers the most clearly. If you ask her, she will roll her eyes and tell you how he made her wait for 40 minutes.

While they both had their reservations, they deferred the second date by a couple of weeks. And went for a walk. And discussed politics. Right met Left, Shots were fired.

It is settled now that he is to reach on time and politics will never be discussed. Together, they wish to climb mountains and dive in the sea.